Tire Cologne 2024

The Netherlands-based Techno Marketing Group returned as an exhibitor to Tire Cologne 2024 after just visiting the previous event because of the Corona virus, with the intention of showcasing their market-leading all-in-one Ecube mobile tyre fitting solution and introducing its next groundbreaking innovation, the Energy Tower.

Energy Tower is a totally new and unique solution for the mobile truck tyre fitting market sector. It is a self-contained unit that operates from within the tyre fitting service vehicle and incorporates a combination of energy and air whilst eliminating fumes and noise, thus ensuring a much greener approach.

Ralph Dubbeldam, Managing Director at Techno Marketing Group, notes that the concept of this show has undergone a significant transformation. “When staged in Essen, Germany, it was 60% tyres and 40% equipment. The event now comprises around 90% tyres and 10% equipment, which has led to a significant increase in interest in our product ranges, including our market leading Winntec product range.”

We have also observed an increase in the number of fleets and service providers attending the show, including many of the larger tyre fitting companies.

The introduction of the Energy Tower has enabled Techno Marketing Group to offer groundbreaking solutions for both truck and passenger tyre fitting, which generated ongoing interest throughout the three-day event.


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